Easily Understand Cryptocurrencies Before Investing (For Beginners)

Hello and Welcome to the World of Crypto. If you are reading this then I am pretty sure you are interested in Cryptocurrencies and maybe you are new into this. The world of online trading got a major revolution when the cryptocurrencies came into existence. Bitcoin, the Crypto King, shocked all with it’s astonishing growth in which the value of 1 Bitcoin reached nearly $40,000 ( now $11,000). At that time many became millionaire and many got into depressions for not investing in it. But now there are thousands of Cryptocurrencies rolling out into the market and we can find a new currency every other day. Even Facebook has stepped into the Crypto World by launching its own currency called “Libra“.

The Crypto World

Understanding the market

So if you think you need a lot of research to understand the Crypto World then you are absolutely wasting time. You don’t have to be a market researcher to start investing in crypto, but you must follow blogs of experienced traders who are trading from a long time. You just need some basics to understand how these works and that’s all because it’s all about prediction. But yes, you must remember that no one can guarantee about your funds because it is just prediction from experience. But I can assure you that Crypto World is just growing up and up. It might get down sometimes but this is rare.

While experienced traders will tell you to invest in top Cryptos like Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin etc but I am going to show you how small cryptocurrencies are rising at a 2x, 3x and even with 100x rate than those coins. Big coins are already on top so now they are slowly rising and becoming very stable. So I am going to tell you to start with the coins which have a starting value nearly $0.00001 and you’ll see how they have performed in last one year. Before that just understand cryptocurrencies in one simple sentence.

How the Cryptocurrencies grow ?

” Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies which work through a process called blockchain technology with a decentralized system or without having a physical centralized bank using Cryptographic methods.

So hard huh… Don’t worry. You don’t even need to understand it. But let me say that these coins have no physical existence and they are totally computerized values that is based on blockchain technology which means a chain of blocks like blocks of a puzzle. And the puzzles here are Cryptographic puzzles. Now the question is how these coins grow up and goes down ? Answer is simple. This is similar to the normal market rule. That means if a smartphone price is high that means they are high in demand and supply. Like this the Cryptocurrencies grow if more people buy it and the company who created it can supply as per demand.

Exchange platforms for Crypto

So now I think you have at least got some knowledge about these which is enough to start your crypto journey. Before that I must tell you that trading of Cryptocurrencies is done through an online exchange platform which connects the buyer and seller. Some exchanges are – Binance, Coinbase and Huobi etc. So cryptocurrencies rate might differ a little at different exchange platform. For trading you can find many apps and websites which are using at least one of these exchanges and they charge a very small amount of trading fee. But I’ll be discussing about some apps and sites that have a zero trading fee. I’ll also be discussing how to earn free crypto online. But remember free cryptos are very low in amount so that it will take much time to give you a greater value. It would be better if you add your own funds with it. And as I told you cryptocurrencies will grow up and up and going down is rare. So keep checking my other posts to know about small currencies to invest which’ll have a high future value. Thank you.

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